Hypermedia API maturity model Series - Part 2

The missing links

By Arnaud Lauret, March 15, 2015

Hypermedia is not only a conceptual and philosophical subject of interesting and animate debates among the API community, it’s also a concrete solution we can use to cover concrete needs. In this second part of hypermedia API maturity model (HAMM) series I will talk about my own experience to expose two missing (in my humble opinon) notions in common implementations and include these missing links in an updated version of the HAMM.

Hypermedia API maturity model Series - Part 1


By Arnaud Lauret, February 28, 2015

When we talk about hypermedia for an API, we’re talking about making it discoverable or browsable. Adding hypermedia to an API potentially brings flexibility, loose coupling, better human readability on the fly and even machine readability on the fly. But nowadays, the hypermedia area for APIs is still a work in progress and it can be implemented in many ways leading to different levels of hypermedia-ness.


The beautiful API and the bestial back-office

By Arnaud Lauret, February 16, 2015

When you design an API (even an internal/private one) upon an existing back office (to plug a mobile application on it for example), you should take care of one thing: an API is a display, not a window. An API’s purpose is to expose your data and data processing but an API is only a representation and you’re under no obligation to directly expose the crude reality.


Why you must design your private API in english

By Arnaud Lauret, February 7, 2015

Why you must design your private API in english.
Pourquoi vous devez concevoir votre API privée en anglais.
Perché è necessario progettare la vostra API privata in inglese.
Por qué debe diseñar su API privada en Inglés.
Deshalb müssen Sie Ihre private API in Englisch entwerfen.

As you might have guess, this post targets people designing APIs in non english speaking countries. When you design an API there are many little things that you risk to forget or not take into account, especially when this API is private/internal, and later you may bitterly regret it. Choosing a language for your API is one of them.


Hello World!

By Arnaud Lauret, February 7, 2015

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