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Dr Jekyll and Mr API Handyman

ICYMI, I’ve just switched from a self hosted Wordpress to a Jekyll static website hosted on Github. The code is available in the apihandyman.io repository. If you’re looking for information and tips about how to enable pagination on categories pages and have infinite scroll with Jekyll or how to to deploy a Jekyll website using custom plugins on Github Pages, you should take a look at it.

Read Evolving a Company’s IS in the Lego Computing Age on Nordic APIs blog

If you wonder how to evolve a company’s IS in the lego computing age, read my post on Nordic APIs blog.

The API Stylebook

I’m a thrilled to announce that apistylebook.com is now online.

The API Stylebook aims to help API Designers to solve API design matters and build their API design guidelines by providing quick and easy access to selected and categorized resources.

Read more on the API Stylebook blog

Read The Utopia Of API Documentation on Smartbear Blog

Jennifer Riggins wrote a blog post about my Document-API-topia talk, you can read the Utopia of API documentation on Smartbear blog.

Interview with an API Handyman

I’ve been interviewed by Lexy Mayko from API2Cart, you can read the interview here.