The API Handyman talks as time permits

OpenAPI Trek Into Fastness (Nordic APIs Summit 2016)

After API Days London, I’ve been to the Nordic APIs Summit in Stockholm for the second part of my OpenAPI specification (fka. Swagger specification) talk series with OpenAPI Trek Into Fastness.

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API Style Guides Fireside Chat with Ronnie Mitra (API Days London 2016)

API Days London 2016, take 2! I was very happy when Ronnie Mitra (@mitraman) from the API Academy invited me to do a fireside chat on API Style Guides at API Days London.

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OpenAPI Trek (API Days London 2016)

I was thrilled to start my OpenAPI specification (fka. Swagger specification) talk series at API Days London with this first part simply titled OpenAPI Trek.

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HTTP Status Trek (REST Fest 2016)

I had the luck to go back to REST Fest, this second time was as awesome as last one. Here’s the video and slides of my 5 in 5 about HTTP Status Codes.

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Don't mess with hypermedia controls (REST Fest 2015)

I had the pleasure to participate to REST Fest 2015, here are my 5 in 5 video and slide deck about hypermedia controls. If you can attend only one API conference, this is the one.

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