I gave a Star Wars themed talk with a lightsaber about my new passion, documentation, at API Days Paris 2015.

Yes, a talk about D-O-C-U-M-E-N-T-A-T-I-O-N. Yes, a S-T-A-R W-A-R-S themed talk. Yes, I gave this talk holding a L-I-G-H-T-S-A-B-E-R.

I had the luck to be helped by two great persons when preparing this talk, Jennifer Riggins and Paul Bruce. Both gave me precious feedbacks and tips. Many great thanks to them!

I talked about an ideal world where API (and software) and documentation live in perfect harmony, describing some crazy ideas such as documentation continuous delivery or documentation package manager but also stating that we need both machines and humans to create this ideal world. Jennifer Riggins wrote a blog post about my Document-API-topia published on Smartbear’s Blog.

If you want to know more about what happened at this awesome conference, you can read my API Days Paris 2015 recap with a light saber.

Here are my talk’s video (unofficial one, thanks to Guillaume Laforge, stay tuned for the official one) and slidedeck: