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Explore the OpenAPI Specification 3.0 with the OpenAPI Map

So you want to explore in depth the OpenAPI Specification version 3.0? You should take the OpenAPI Map with you!

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How public web APIs raise software bar

While answering some question on my Design of Web APIs book’s forum, I wrote:

Now that I have seen brilliant Web APIs that can be used so easily because of their design but also the overall experience some can provide (the famous “DX”) I have become far more demanding and challenging with software in general

Yes. Public web APIs definitely raise software bar. The whole software industry should take example on them …

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The story behind The Design of Web APIs book

I’m thrilled to announce that I’m writing a book about API design: The Design of Everyday APIs (edit: the book has been renamed The Design of Web APIs since this post has been written). This book is published by Manning Publications and the first two chapters are now available on the Manning Early Access Program or MEAP (affiliate link, use fcclauret discount code to get 37% off). This book is for everyone who wants to learn API design. But, what’s the story behind this book about API design? To answer this question, let’s talk about my other passion: guitar.

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API Styleguide, the Lord of API Designs

Join Frodo, Gollum and Gandalf on an epic API design adventure. In this session, based on my own experience defining and sharing API design common practices in my company and based on the API styles guides that I have collected on apistylebook.com, we will discover why we desperately need API style guides and how they can or cannot help us create a smooth API surface for a company.

Very special thanks to Mister Lapin for designing my T-shirt and Kristof Van Tomme for recording the video with my phone.

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...And GraphQL for all? talk video on InfoQ

My talk …And GraphQL for all? A few things to think about before blindly dumping REST for GraphQL which I gave at API Days Paris 2016 last December was recorded and the video is now available on InfoQ.

You can also read my write up here on the blog.