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HTTP Status Trek (REST Fest 2016)

I had the luck to go back to REST Fest, this second time was as awesome as last one. Here’s the video and slides of my 5 in 5 about HTTP Status Codes.

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The API Stylebook

I’m a thrilled to announce that apistylebook.com is now online.

The API Stylebook aims to help API Designers to solve API design matters and build their API design guidelines by providing quick and easy access to selected and categorized resources.

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Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial - Part 8 - Splitting specification file

With previous posts we have learned to produce an OpenAPI specification containing all OpenAPI specification subtleties. Some specification files may become quite large or may contain elements which could be reused in other APIs. Splitting a specification file will help to keep it maintainable by creating smaller files and also help to ensure consistency throughout APIs by sharing common elements.

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Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial - Part 7 - Documentation

Previous posts showed how to write a highly accurate description of an API interface contract with the OpenAPI specification. But an interface contract, no matter how brilliant, is nothing without some explainations. A fully documented OpenAPI specification file can provide some useful information and be used as a part of an API’s documentation.

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Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial - Part 6 - Defining Security

After mastering input and output modeling like a Jedi, let’s see how we can describe API’s security with the OpenAPI specification’s.

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