The Augmented API Design Reviewer

By Arnaud Lauret, December 13, 2020
API Design Reviews can be a total nightmare when it comes to check API Design Guidelines conformance. Hopefully, this can be automated using the OpenAPI Specification and Spectral, helping you to focus on real API design matters.

APIs You Won't Hate Podcast - The API Handyman Cometh

By Phil Sturgeon, Matt Trask & Arnaud Lauret, March 24, 2020

It was great to chat with Phil Sturgeon and Matt Trask on the APIs You Won’t Hate Podcast. We talked about API Design and Reviews, and we also talk about life in quarantine, as France completely shut down and how Phil made it back in time to England before the lock downs took place.


I'd Rather Be Writing Podcast - API Design and Usability

By Tom Johnson & Arnaud Lauret, December 7, 2019

I had the pleasure to chat with Tom Johnson for his I’d Rather Be Writing Podcast. We talked about my book, The Design of Web APIs, and specifically best practices for designing web APIs and focus on the roles technical writers can play.


API Design Reviewer's Starter Set

By Arnaud Lauret, November 13, 2019
Explore subterranean needs! Plunder hoards of inconsistency! Battle legendary design flaws! The API Design Reviewer’s Starter Set is your gateway to exhaustive and constructive API design reviews. It contains the essential rules of design reviews plus a few tips and trick that will be of great help on your perilous adventures in the API world.

The Design of Everyday APIs

By Arnaud Lauret, October 23, 2018
Well-designed APIs are a joy to use; poorly-designed APIs are cumbersome, confusing and frustrating, just like everyday things. During this session, I make a parallel between everyday things design and API design to expose simple but fundamentals design principles.

API Styleguide, the Lord of API Designs

By Arnaud Lauret, November 12, 2017

Join Frodo, Gollum and Gandalf on an epic API design adventure. In this session, based on my own experience defining and sharing API design common practices in my company and based on the API styles guides that I have collected on, we will discover why we desperately need API style guides and how they can or cannot help us create a smooth API surface for a company.


...And GraphQL for all? (API Days Paris 2016)

By Arnaud Lauret, December 13, 2016
GraphQL is new. GraphQL is cool. Look! Github dumped REST for it! We MUST do it too! Well, why not. GraphQL could be a great tool, but like any tool, you don't choose it "just because".You choose it because it solves a problem in a given context. You choose it knowing its strengths and weaknesses. During this session, while discovering what is GraphQL we will see what REST API providers should think about before blindly dumping REST for it
OpenAPI Trek Series - Part 3

OpenAPI Trek Beyond API Documentation (API Strat 2016)

By Arnaud Lauret, November 28, 2016
OpenAPI offers many possibilities that span the full API lifecycle, yet it is seen purely as a solution for generating API documentation. This session will tell the story of AXA Banque's evolution from .doc and .pdf API documentation to the extensive use of OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger). Throughout the journey, we will identify the many advantages of API definition languages beyond simply generating API documentation, including design, testing, documentation continuous delivery, code generation, mocking, and prototyping new ideas.

Developing an API Strategy for 2017 (API Strat Boston 2016)

By Arnaud Lauret, November 23, 2016

Shortly before API Strat, I have participated to an API experts panel on Developing an API Strategy for 2017 organized by Smartbear with Laura Heritage, Matt Bernier, Ole Lensmar and Tony Tam hosted by John Purcell.

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