OpenAPI Trek Series - Part 3

OpenAPI Trek Beyond API Documentation (API Strat 2016)

By Arnaud Lauret, November 28, 2016

After API Days London, and Nordic APIs Summit in Stockholm, Scottie beamed me to API Strat Boston 2016 for the final part of my OpenAPI specification (fka. Swagger specification) talk series: OpenAPI Trek Beyond API Documentation. This last talk is the (not so uncommon) story of how I came to use Swagger/OpenAPI for API documentation and how it changed many things beyond API documentation.

You’ll find here the abstract, slides and the video (very special thanks to Matthew Reinbold for recording this talk with my crappy phone).

OpenAPI Trek Series

This 3 talk series provide insight on what is the OpenAPI Specification and how to take advantage of it during the whole API life cycle, especially for design and documentation, and also how to use it to secure and accelerate API creations and evolutions.


OpenAPI offers many possibilities that span the full API lifecycle, yet it is seen purely as a solution for generating API documentation. This session will tell the story of AXA Banque’s evolution from .doc and .pdf API documentation to the extensive use of OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger). Throughout the journey, we will identify the many advantages of API definition languages beyond simply generating API documentation, including design, testing, documentation continuous delivery, code generation, mocking, and prototyping new ideas.


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