OpenAPI Trek Series - Part 1

OpenAPI Trek (API Days London 2016)

By Arnaud Lauret, November 10, 2016

I was thrilled to start my OpenAPI specification (fka. Swagger specification) talk series at API Days London with this first part simply titled OpenAPI Trek. This first talk, OpenAPI Trek, aims to explain what is the OpenAPI specification and how it can be extensively used throughout the API lifecycle.

OpenAPI Trek Series

This 3 talk series provide insight on what is the OpenAPI Specification and how to take advantage of it during the whole API life cycle, especially for design and documentation, and also how to use it to secure and accelerate API creations and evolutions.


For many still known as Swagger, the OpenAPI specification is often reduce to auto-generated API documentation. But the OpenAPI specification universe is boundless. Design, mock, development, test, documentation continuous delivery, governance, deployment… there are countless possibilities that span the full API lifecycle. Let’s board the starship OpenAPI to explore unexpected use cases, to seek out new usage and new ideas, to boldly go where almost no one has gone before.


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