About Arnaud Lauret, the API Handyman

Hi! I’m Arnaud Lauret, the API Handyman and author of The Design of Web APIs. I like to share what I do, struggle with, learn, and teach while working in the API space.


Arnaud Lauret

My name is Arnaud Lauret, I’m an Senior API Architect in Paris, France. I have been working in the financial industry for 18 years and my job was always around connecting pieces of software together, hence creating and using web services or APIs.

My current daily job is helping people, from executive to developers and everything in between, to understand what are APIs, why they matters and how to do them. I also help dozens of different teams to design their APIs by reviewing and challenging their designs, training them to design API and also building API design guidelines.

API Handyman

I choose the API Handyman name because the handyman definition really describes that how I feel regarding software in general and APIs in particular: I love working on all aspects of API/software.

The term handyman or handyperson increasingly describes a paid worker, but it also includes non-paid homeowners or do-it-yourselfers. Tasks range from minor to major, from unskilled to highly skilled, and include painting, drywall repair, remodeling, minor plumbing work, minor electrical work, household carpentry, sheetrock, crown moulding, and furniture assembly.
(source wikipedia)

How can I help you?

I really like to share what I learn and make others grow, hoping that one day they’ll do the same for others.

API Handyman blog

Born on the 7th of February 2015, the API Handyman blog is about sharing my views and experiences on the API field from both provider and consumer points of view with I hope a pragmatic and unvarnished approach. I mostly write about API design and API design related tools. I do not write as much as I would like but at least you’ll always find from-the-real-world-topics-covered-in-depth class post here.

My book The Design of Web APIs

In 2018, I started to write a book on API design with Manning. If you’re interested in API design, you should read my book The Design of Web API, it’s for both beginners and seasoned API designers. Every aspects of API design are covered: requirements gathering, usability, security, evolution, documentation and even architecture and network concerns.


If you need more than my blog and my book, I’m also open to consultancy request:

  • I can help you on API design related tasks like give you a hand to design APIs, review you designs, train your API designers or help you build your API design guidelines.
  • I can also do API evangelism and explain to CEOs, executives, business people, product owners or developers what are APIs, why they matter and how do them.

Do not hesitate to contact me on LinkedIn or Twitter.

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