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API Toolbox - JQ and OpenAPI - Part 1 - Using JQ to extract data from OpenAPI files

Ever wanted to quickly find, extract or modify data coming from some JSON documents on the command line? JQ is the tool you’re looking for. In this 4 parts post series, you’ll discover why and how I use JQ with OpenAPI Specification files. But more important, you’ll get some basic and more advanced example of how to use JQ on any JSON document to get and modify JSON data as you want. In this first part we’ll focus on what is JQ, why I use it with OpenAPI files and we’ll learn how to invoke JQ and discover some of the many JQ filters that can be used to extract data from JSON.

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Lessons learned while demoing API to non-developers

What would you do if you had to demo API to non-developers in a highly-constrained context? How would you do without curl, Postman or any other API tool usually used? How would you do without your usual fun API examples? I had to do that a few weeks ago and was quite happy by the questions that arose and the solutions found. The whole story definitely deserves a post in order to share what I’ve learned!

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API Design Tips And Tricks - What if consumers can't do PATCH, PUT or DELETE?

There are quite many APIs out there taking advantage of all standard HTTP methods (GET, POST, PATCH, PUT and DELETE). Unfortunately, there are still some cases where consumers can’t use them all. As far as I know, GET and POST do not cause any problem at all. But as an API provider, do not take for granted that DELETE, PUT and the more dreaded PATCH HTTP methods can always be used by your consumers. I encountered this problem several times throughout the years and no later than a few weeks ago. Let’s see why and how to solve this problem.

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Few things I learned writing The Design of Web APIs

At last, my book The Design of Web APIs is finished and printed! I gradually got back to a “normal” life since the end of summer as the book entered in its production phase, but it was only when I received the printed copies two weeks ago that I had the feeling that this adventure was really over. And then holding the book in my hands, I wondered if it was worth having spent two years of my life on it, what did I learn spending almost all my free time working on this book? That sounded like a good topic to revive the API Handyman blog.

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Explore the OpenAPI Specification 3.0 with the OpenAPI Map

So you want to explore in depth the OpenAPI Specification version 3.0? You should take the OpenAPI Map with you!

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