API Design Tips And Tricks - Getting, creating, updating or deleting multiple resources in one API call

By Arnaud Lauret, April 22, 2017

Getting, creating, updating or deleting multiple resources in a single API call is a common need in REST APIs. But how to achieve that in a consistent way accomodating how we work with a single resource and REST principles? This is what we’ll see in this post.


OpenAPI Visual Documentation updated with 3.0.0-rc0

By Arnaud Lauret, March 19, 2017

The OpenAPI Visual Documentation has been updated. The new version 3.0.0-rc0 of the OpenAPI specification has been added. The addition brings a fully detailed change log of what has change from version 2.


Google API Design Guide added to the API Stylebook

By Arnaud Lauret, March 5, 2017

I’ve just added the Google API Design Guide to the API Stylebook.

This guide is slightly different from the other ones because it deals with REST and RPC API design focusing on gRPC APIs using Protocol Buffers v3.

To discover this API design guide and a short review, let’s go to the API Stylebook blog.

Writing OpenAPI (Swagger) Specification Tutorial Series - Part 9

Extending the OpenAPI specification

By Arnaud Lauret, February 19, 2017

This is the end, my OpenAPI friends, the end. The end? Not really. This last part of the OpenAPI tutorial is a new beginning. With previous parts we have learned to master the OpenAPI specification but there’s a last thing to learn to unleash its full power: extensions. This format is easily extensible, it allows to add custom data within an API description. But for what purposes? Let’s have a glimpse of these extensions endless possibilities.


...And GraphQL for all? A few things to think about before blindly dumping REST for GraphQL

By Arnaud Lauret, January 22, 2017

GraphQL is new. GraphQL is cool. Look! Github dumped REST for it! We MUST do it too!
Well, why not. GraphQL could be a great tool, but like any tool, you don’t choose it just because. You choose it because it solves a problem in a given context. You choose it knowing its strengths and weaknesses.

While discovering what is GraphQL we will see what REST API providers should think about before blindly dumping REST for it. From design and implementation to pricing model and analytics down to developers experience and implementations, choosing an API design style will have impact on the whole API lifecycle. Therefore, this choice must be an enligthned one and not based on simple beliefs.


Dr Jekyll and Mr API Handyman

By Arnaud Lauret, December 23, 2016

ICYMI, I’ve just switched from a self hosted Wordpress to a Jekyll static website hosted on Github. The code is available in the repository. If you’re looking for information and tips about how to enable pagination on categories pages and have infinite scroll with Jekyll or how to to deploy a Jekyll website using custom plugins on Github Pages, you should take a look at it.


Read Evolving a Company’s IS in the Lego Computing Age on Nordic APIs blog

By Arnaud Lauret, December 6, 2016

If you wonder how to evolve a company’s IS in the lego computing age, read my post on Nordic APIs blog.

OpenAPI Trek Series - Part 3

OpenAPI Trek Beyond API Documentation

By Arnaud Lauret, November 28, 2016
OpenAPI offers many possibilities that span the full API lifecycle, yet it is seen purely as a solution for generating API documentation. This session will tell the story of AXA Banque's evolution from .doc and .pdf API documentation to the extensive use of OpenAPI Specification (formerly Swagger). Throughout the journey, we will identify the many advantages of API definition languages beyond simply generating API documentation, including design, testing, documentation continuous delivery, code generation, mocking, and prototyping new ideas.

Developing an API Strategy for 2017 (API Strat Boston 2016)

By Arnaud Lauret, November 23, 2016

Shortly before API Strat, I have participated to an API experts panel on Developing an API Strategy for 2017 organized by Smartbear with Laura Heritage, Matt Bernier, Ole Lensmar and Tony Tam hosted by John Purcell.

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